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Sunrise on Nature

Creative Magique: Trust Yourself And Your Own Higher Voice

Embrace Ease, Flow, Alignment, Passion, and Balance

Create your safe, warm, welcoming sanctuary.

Understand yourself, your wants, your fears, your assets and blocks and complicated hidden motivations...from the inside out.

Recognize and embrace moments of synchronicity, understand what they're saying to you, and transform them into magic in your life and work.

Release counterproductive assumptions about "life," "reality," "always," "never," the future, the past, the present, and how many paths there are to get where you're supposed to be.

Embrace the Active Wisdom of "Yes, And."

Detach from confusion, chaos, overwhelm, and the neverending hamster wheel.

Learn to communicate with others in ways that focus on outcomes--not ego.

Build an unpredictable, creative, wild, colorful, creative daily life

Make choices that use your strongest gifts and assets.

Learn to think magically.

Ask good questions, then use an intuitive tool kit to hear your inner voice's guidance.

Use magic(k)(queue) to gain actionable insight and direct your personal energies into more abundance and joy around:

  • people

  • places

  • ideas

  • experiences

  • resources

  • business

  • family

  • friends

  • ...???

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