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Assignment # 1: Fire up an app. Or 2. Or 3.

Take a look at the photo below (it's a detail of a portrait of the planet, as seen from a satellite). What do you see? What do you think? What do you feel? What do you notice? Close your eyes. Drive down to the surface anywhere on that image. Where are you? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you taste? Where is your attention right now? Where was your attention 2 minutes ago? Where will it be in 10 minutes? ----

Now write it all down somewhere. Or talk about it. Or doodle it. Just record it somehow. That's "journaling."


When people hear "Keep a journal," they groan. I get it.

Journals are dull. Journals are work. Journals are ugh. My god do I have to. Can't I just not and say I did? No. No you cannot.

Usually, I'm flexible about everything, but noticing magic (working) takes attention, and attention takes ... focus on daily details. That's where apps come in. A journal doesn't have to be a cloth- or leather-bound diary stuffed between the mattress and the box spring (although those are fine, and you keep that hiding place top secret, girls!). You can journal on the ubiquitous* device most modern humans attach to their arms in countless ways. Photo, video, and voice recorder apps can do a lot of the heavy lifting that text & writing used to do; transcription software is getting more common and cheaper by the day. (I use Descript & Zoom and have zero relationship with either company.) Paper is awesome if paper works for you, but there are almost always at least 3 ways to achieve a goal. So if the physical act of using a pen/pencil and a blank book or notepad is standing in the way of documenting your rituals, experiments, thoughts, ideas, resources, or other magical explorations, consider getting creative with the way you "journal."

*(that means "it's always there"--and it's pronounced you-BIK-wih-tus)

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